Looking for custom home theater installation, home automation, surround sound, or audio and conferencing for your business?

CRISTALHD offers several solutions for your home theater project. Our services range from design consultants to full-service project management.

CRISTALHD has trained staff that is able to help guide you through acoustical room design, interior design, lighting solutions, equipment options, and placement.

CRISTALHD has a passion for creating accurate home theater environments. We can offer advice for equipment selection and placement within the home theater.  Combined with our calibration service we can bring your dream to reality. A home theater system will bring magic and excitement to all your video entertainment.

Our guide will help you plan the right system for your room, with tips on choosing the type of system you want, speakers, audio electronics, and a TV. We’ll also cover the many entertainment sources and what you can expect from each. To create an immersive home theater environment, you’ll want, at a minimum:

A surround sound system

The biggest HDTV or UHDTV you can manage

A broadband Internet connection